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There's A Reason They Call Them KILLER Whales, You Know...

Kasatka, a feisty Orca who is captive at Sea World in San Diego, decided she'd had enough with the dog and pony show yesterday afternoon.

During the last show of the day, Badass Kas' trainer was supposed to dive off her nose as he's done every show for years. When he tried to do so, she decided instead to clamp down on his foot and pin him to the bottom of the pool. The hundreds of spectators were relieved to see both Badass Kas and Ken Peters emerge unscathed. But, Badass Kas must not have taken her daily dose of Midol because she immediately repeated the clamp/pin-down procedure.

A horrified audience watched as Sea World employees began splashing at the water trying to calm Badass Kas down and coax her 5,000+ lb self up to the surface, which she did soon thereafter. Trainers quickly threw down a net between our Orca and a shaken Peters, who quickly discovered he'd need medical attention.

Not to worry, dear readers. He's fine.

I can't say I blame Badass Kas. I think she thought she was playing with him. Besides, if someone was trying to jump off my nose 10x a day, I'd likely bite back, too.


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