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Top Ten Things I'm Thankful For This Thanksgiving:
!. Dems taking control of DC
2. Dems taking control of New York
3. Yellow Briefs
4. Being fired from the job I hated back in January. If it wasn't for that setback, I wouldn't have found the perfect placement I enjoy today.
5. Venus saying to hell with the current tabloid trends (aka Nicole Richie, Ellen Pompeo and the like.)
6. Thanksgiving Dinner with two of my Grandparents today. And a phone call to my Grandma who couldn't make it.
7. ABC for following HBO's dasterdly lead leaving me wanting for more Sawyer and Jack until February.
8. NBC for not only waiting it out with The Office, but making a part of must see TV on Thursday nights.
9. Vinny's in Carroll Gardens for always making a perfect Chicken Cutlet Parm. Every time.
10. Why you, dear readers, of course. Enjoy your Turducken/turkey/tofuerkey et al.

xoxo - Z.
PS - Thanks to Gowanus Lounge for the picture. Should you not have plans yet, check him out...


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