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"Excuse Me, But..."

A Sunday Brooklyn Moment:
Sitting at the bar of Bar Tabac post brunch (ok really, really post brunch as it was now dark out) I was having a drink with "The Mayor" (a good friend of Z's new love interest who was outside getting his nic fix) when an older woman announced to the room at large "Excuse me, but does anyone know where I can find a bridge to take me back to Manhattan?" placing particular emphasis on anyone, bridge and most importantly, Manhattan.

For those not familiar with the Cobble Hill section of Smith Street in Brooklyn, Bar Tabac is situated about four blocks from the on-ramp for the Brooklyn Bridge. The Mayor and I exchanged an is-she-for-real look before ascertaining how dolled up her little party of four was and realizing that she was, in fact, serious. Apparently, it took the rest of the room to catch on to the legitimacy as well for no one said anything for a good ten seconds. And then, everyone provided directions. At once.

After grandly thanking us all, she and her party sashayed out for what I can only hope was a speedy and direct re-entry into the safe embrace of Manhattan.


At 4:22 PM, Blogger annulla said...

Can't help wondering how the dolled-up dame ended up here. Pushed out of an airplane? Dumped by an evil cabbie? Fell through a hole in the space-time continum?

At 5:22 PM, Blogger skinny said...

i got off the r train at court st. with this kid with a guitar case, who turned to me and said "which way is bleecker st.?"



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