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The F Train Follies: The MTA Shows Some Love

Z's on the look out for flying pigs and it's no wonder Sam Champion's forecasting freezing temps in Brooklyn tomorrow, for the MTA has shocked the shit out of those of us who have come to begrudgingly love the bastard stepchild of the system: The G train.

For those Manhattanites who've never heard of the little guy, the Green Gremlin solely resides in Brooklyn and Queens put-putting it's way to and fro Smith/9th and Forest Hills/71st Avenue. While this shuttle system worked well upon it's debut, times have changed. Billyburg, The Slope and BoCoCa - a term that still leaves a bitter taste in my mouth - have exploded in popularity and the current lines that serve us, namely the F, L and G are pretty much filled to capacity during rush hour. While most of us have bitched and moaned to seemingly no avail, surprisingly, the MTA was listening.

It was announced earlier this week that L train service will double and the G train will extend it's line all the way to Church Avenue in Brooklyn in 2008. Holymotherlovingfuck, Batman! 5 MORE STOPS! This potentially means less crowding, easier access to transfers and a better commute for northern Brooklynites.

However, not everyone is as excited as I am. Assemblyman Brennan brings up an excellent point:

"Extending the G line to Church Ave. is better than nothing," said Assemblyman James Brennan (D-Park Slope), who's concerned about F train overcrowding. The better solution, he said, is more F service or the arrival of the G line's great nemesis, the V train, which replaced the G line in much of Queens in 2001.

Now, THAT would be genius. Hey MTA, you listening?


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