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Bumbwatch: Three's A Crowd

LONDON, England (AP) -- A woman with two wombs has given birth to three children in what is believed to be the first case of its kind, a hospital official said Friday.

What's more of a mindfuck than the idea of someday having three premenstral fourteen year olds under one roof? TWO WOMBS. And, apparently, it's not that uncommon. According to Yakoub Khalaf, a consulting gynecologist at Guy's and St. Thomas's Hospital who aided in this particular birthing process, one in 1,000 women have either two totally separate wombs or two partially separated ones.

Um, not a fact this worrywart needs to hear.

Let's just say that Dr. Moehlan will be under extra stress eliminating my latest fear and requests for multiple sonograms to determine what's what in my lady-parts in my upcoming visit.


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