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R2D2's On The Loose

Be on the lookout come March 28th, as the R2D2s will be taking over a downtown near you.

Ok, not really, but the US Postal Service has, for the first time, allowed their infamous blue collection boxes to be used as marketing tools. 400 boxes have been shrink wrapped and poised for distribution in over 200 cities across the US.

Why the lovable little guy from Star Wars? Well, for one, creatively, it's a natural fit. Secondly, a stamp will be unveiled on the 28th to commemorate the 30th Anniversary of the original Star Wars movie release. The USPS is issuing the stamp in hopes that fans will snap them up (and not use as postage therefore allowing straight profit). Lucasfilms will not see a dime either, fyi.

The Wall Street Journal adds that there are currently no plans to transform more blue boxes into such characters as ET or Frodo Baggins. Damn, now seeing an army of ETs lining the streets I hustle down every day would truly be something special...

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