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Um, Welcome Governor...Paterson?

I could register nothing but shock and disbelief when the news broke today about my favorite man up in Albany. Spitzer, in a prostitution ring bust? You've got to be fucking kidding me...

Sadly, quicker than you can say Ripped From The Headlines, I'd bet any reader $20 we'll be seeing an eerily similar "Special Hour" of Law & Order headed our way soon depicting a cocky stream roller of a Governor busted in a salacious sex scandal tried in Gotham City within months.

I'll leave the talking heads and upcoming undoubtedly ridiculously campy New York Post covers to lambaste Spitzer's character and scream about the hypocrisy of the situation. No, I'll just sum it up in five little words:

Elliot, you broke my heart.

Instead, let's turn our attention to the inevitable. Bring on the new Gov, David Paterson! In a few firsts for the state, Paterson is a blind African American from Harlem. Patterson's wit, intelligence and compassion made him the perfect compliment to Elliot's brash, judgemental and uncompromising ways to many in Albany. One can only hope those qualities can outshine the ensuing chaos and personally, I'm looking forward to learning more about my (for now) Lieutenant Governor.

More importantly, hey Bloomberg, whatchu got planned for, say, 2010-2018? How about eight more years of bringing stability to the state, having of course the city's best interests at heart? Just a suggestion...

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