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Congrats On The Raise, NYPD

When I first started out in media after graduating college, I earned $24,000. This was back in 1999 and even then it didn't stretch too far. The only risks to life and limb were the occassional paper cut and possible liver damage from open bar media parties. (Wall Street Journal's regular bashes at Rodeo Bar alone likely gave me cirrhosis).

I was appalled to learn NYPD recruits could expect a measly $25,100 salary as rookies a couple of years ago. In a post-9/11 world. And in this city of all cities? This figure was not just a sad statement of what the city deemed to be the rookies market value, it was an insult to the NYPD and the citizens they serve.

So I was very happy to learn today that arbitrators gave the rookies a 43% pay increase. The grads will now earn $35,881 as a starting salary and all NYPD cops can expect a 9.73% raise in upcoming paychecks.

Thank you, Commissioner Kelly, for standing your ground and fighting the fair fight for New York's Finest.

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