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Deathwatch 2006: Beefcake Reviews

1010wins reports that midway through the male review at Hunk-o-Mania last night, the cops came and busted up the beefy performances, undoubtedly sending dozens of drunken penis paraphenalia laden ladies wobbling in their stilettos out into the night.

To be fair, Spirit (where the review is housed), is on the same block in western Chelsea as the nightclub Guest House where a New Jersey teenager went drinking and partying last month before she was beaten, strangled, raped and killed.

While Bloomie and Co. beef up nightclub security and continue to crack down on NYC Nightlife, where oh where will the ladies be able to get their Beefcake fix? Afterall, mainstay Mantasia is now closed, too.

Psst - There's always the trannies at Lucky Chang's and the ultimate in trash: Birdy's (at the Culture Club) to get your bride-to-be mortification on...


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