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Z's Fearful For Her Life (and that of V)

Following on the heels of Dell's recall of laptops due to Sony supplied batteries that were self destructing, Apple's just announced that they're doing the same Cnn reports.

This past holiday season, Z became the proud owner of a Sony Vaio. If it's possible to be in love with a machine, then consider me a goner. The one thing I don't like about My Love is the intense heat he radiates when resting on my lap. No worries though, I found a quick solution and use a pillow as a heat shield.

So what does this have to do with the recent Apple recall?

When I first heard about the Dell recall, I felt some unease. But, now that Apple's jumping on board (do any manufactures even make their own guts to their machines?), I'm fearful that My Love will not only explode on my lap preventing the world from any mini-Zs but also possibly toasting V, the very fat and lazy lump of fur who's jealous of My Love's commandeering her former resting place and therefore curls up asclosetoitaspossible.

So, with baited breath I wait while the recalls continue to unfold...


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