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Emmy Fashions - Everyone Else Is Commenting, Why Shouldn't I?

Jeremy, baby, don't listen to the fashion haters. You're portrayl of Ari is as genius as was your unique choice to sport the ascot. You deserve both the EMMY and the spot on Z's best dressed list.

UPDATE: from today's Page6 '"Entourage" star Jeremy Piven celebrated his best supporting actor nod in his usual way - by getting drunk. One spy said Piven, who drank Moet Champagne all night, entered the HBO party at the Pacific Design Center "already inebriated" and screaming, "Where is my entourage? Where is it?"

Best Dressed Female - Not even a contest.

Heidi, even at upteenth months pregnant, it's no wonder Seal can't keep his hands off of you. You literally glowed on the carpet in that Michael Kors number.


At 10:36 PM, Anonymous Amish said...

The ascot was fucking awesome. I wish I could pull that off.


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