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They Say A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

And how true that is.

Z's Mom would have turned 53 today. After a little bit of googling, I found her in cyberspace. She's seated down on the bottom row, second from left, hugging her knees to her chest.

Here's what makes this photo so fun for me: My father is seated next to her, and ironically my stepmother's standing right behind him.

Not to worry, dear readers. Z has nothing but complete understanding why the 'rents divorced and complete agreement that Z's Dad and Stepmother are soulmates (and been married for nearly long enough to celebrate the big Silver AnniParty). For the record, Mom had found her soulmate, too.

But if a picture could tell a 1,000 words, this one's a novel and I'm laughing my ass off looking at it. And hey, Z's Mom was nothing if not able to enjoy a good laugh. So here's to you: Happy Birthday! Hope you're having a rockin good time in that DJ Booth in the sky.

Btw - Z's pretty sure semi-regular commenter Donuts & Coffee's hiding in there somewhere, too...


At 8:25 AM, Blogger Donuts & Coffee said...

Unfortunately no, this photo was taken a few months before I came to WXCI. But I did know most everyone in the group and they were fun and good times.

Let me add my voice to those who wish Z's mom, and family, the best wherever they are and what ever they are doing. (You too Z!) Your Mom was 'good people' even if she didn't hail from Brooklyn.

At 8:54 PM, Blogger Z. Madison said...

Donuts, so sad we couldn't 'admire' your fashion taste back in the day...

A sincere thanks for the kind thoughts. You're right, she was 'good people' but sonofabitch I wished she'd have hailed from Brooklyn and not The Hamptons for then I'd not be teased unrelentedly as a recent(nearly a decade now) transplant.



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