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Welcome Back, Matsui

Yankees fans at the stadium were given quite the treat last night. No, it wasn't the laughable win putting us solidly 10 ahead of Boston. Nor was it Abreu's 7 RBIs. No, it was the return of...GODZILLA!

Hideki first at bat inspired a roaring standing ovation of the packed house. His wrist didn't seem to cause trouble as Matsui went 4-4 in his first game since that nasty injury back on May 11th.

Always humble, Matsui had this to say (via an interpreter): "I never thought I'd ever have four hits. I was pleasantly surprised. When I got to the plate I never even imagined that I would receive such an ovation," Matsui said. "I felt nothing but appreciation for the fans."

Welcome back, baby. We've missed you!


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