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Bon Voyage

A Westside institution, the USS Intrepid is "on leave" for the next two years. She's off to Jersey for repairs and a vaca in Staten Island while her parking spot is overhauled. Housed in the piers off the West Side Highway, the Intrepid hosted fighter planes from various decades and the Concord. She survived a torpedo hit after avenging the Japanese attack on Pear Harbor and helped liberate the Philippines. The ship was an integral part of NASA's mission to see man in space and saw duty in Vietnam. She was the last job the Brooklyn Navy Yards undertook and a tourist mainstay since retirement. The awe inspiring boat will be tugged to Jersey today. No word on where the Concord will be housed during the renovations.

Z's been fortunate to sip champagne on her deck care of the MS Society's annual fundraiser and marveled at the history of the ship itself and the planes that called her home. We'll miss you USS Intrepid and will be at attention to salute your return home in two years.


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