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Say It Ain't So!

One of Z's favorite baseball players is Andy Pettitte. Clemens I can take or leave, although I thank my lucky stars he was with the Yanks in a few post-seasons. I'm of the mindset if you say you're going to retire - RETIRE already! But, I digress...

The LA Times reports today that reliever Jason Grimsley is accusing the two of doping. Z doesn't want to believe it. I've crushed on Andy for years. I stood by and defended him even after the disastrous 3 innings he blew in the '01 World Series out in the desert. Sosa, Bonds, McGuire - fine. I could give a fuck. But, not Andy.

According to the article, "In June, federal agents searched reliever Jason Grimsley's home in Arizona after the pitcher admitted using human growth hormone, steroids and amphetamines. Grimsley was later released by the Arizona Diamondbacks and suspended 50 games by Major League Baseball, and has not played since then."

Apparently Grimsley's not about to go down alone. Let's hope Andy and Roger come out clean. If not, Z's lost a hero and baseball's lost yet another level of trust and respect.


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