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Happy Birthday GW!

75 years ago today, the George Washington Bridge opened, connecting Manhattan and Jersey and thus, forever changing the NY Metro area by creating suburbs.

Fun Facts about 1931:
*The Empire State Building construction completed
*The Star Spangled Banner enacted as our National Anthem; 75 years of butchered "FREE" in the High E later, natives still having trouble remembering the words
*Al Capone sentenced to over a decade in the slammer; Windy City breathes a sigh of relief
*The 6th Avenue - 8th Avenue section of the L train opened; cockblocked riders still awaiting it's untimely arrivals
*Nylon created, forever changing the look of ladies' gams
*The average annual family income was $1,500; luckily men were only expected to reach 58 years (and ladies 62)


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