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Who Da Winner?

It's Jeffrey!

I know, I know...I've been lacking on the Project Runway commentary as of late. Please forgive as I've been too busy slaving for the man, watching the Yanks blow it big time and attempting to have a life on Wednesday nights. It doesn't mean I don't care and that I haven't been following obsessively.

Final thoughts on last night?

They're all great in their own niches. Each will have a career in fashion. Like half the viewers, I was rooting for Michael and couldn't wait to see his collection. I expected to be blown away. I knew Laura's dresses would be divine, Uli would have some funky easy-breezy Miami-wear and frankly no idea what Jeffrey would throw down the aisle.

And then they showed.

Jeffrey: Surprisingly light colored palate, lots of rip-aways and other creative tweaks that would at once scream LA and therefore unwearable for me. Not enough wowza (and two fugly blue concoctions) = LOSER

Laura: Classy, classical and covetable evening wear expertly crafted. No range = LOSER.

Uli: Gorgeous, flowy, surprisingly wearable range of outfits that truly was a collection = WINNER.

Michael: Huge fucking disappointment. So sexy they were borderline skanky. All the SAME FUCKING OUTFIT (dress or hotpants? hotpants or dress?) = LOSER.

I really thought the judges would go with Uli. Women were even coming up to Nina asking how to get in touch with her.


Jeffrey it was.

So Nina - how can I get in touch with Uli?

PS - For a great interview with Tim Gunn, click here.


At 1:31 PM, Blogger Jaime said...

I agree with your assessment. It's annoying that Laura can't just be a dress designer, but I'm sure Macy's is snapping up most of her dresses as we speak. Uli's collection was beautiful. Jeffrey's collection had its winners and losers... I hate that his gloating ass is the winner, but at least I can stop being so apprehensive on Wednesday nights!


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