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Half Full

There are advantages to working 16+ hours a day all week...

  • *No time to wallow in the previous shitty weekend's emotional letdown
  • *The city looks beautiful and serene as a black town car whisks you safely home
  • *Nothing good was on TV anyway
  • *Dinner on the corporate card
  • *Jeans and Pumas are perfectly acceptable and expected work-wardrobe choices
  • *No shame in blasting socially questionable i-tunes selections from your computer speakers
  • *Repeats of Anderson Cooper 360 are on to lull you to sleep once you do return home. If you're extremely lucky, The Coop will make an appearance in dreamland.
  • *The knowlege that once you finish presenting the pitch on Friday, there's a 3-day weekend blissfully awaiting


At 1:52 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

16 hour days?!?!?! yikes. I start breaking chairs over people's backs after hour 10.


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