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Oh Marc, Say It Isn't So

Apparently the newly blue hued locks, posing nude in Out and his on-again/off-again/on-again love affair with boy toy Jason Preston aren't the only recent brainfarts of Marc Jacobs. Rumored for months and officially announced today, is the cringe-worthy news that Victoria Beckham, aka She of the Robot Tits, will star in this Spring's Marc Jacobs campaign.

Vuitton would have been the better choice but who are we to decipher MJ's inner workings. This is the man who single handily created Grunge, appalled the industry by sending an "Attack of the Pod People" down the runway a couple of years back - which in turn begot the voluminous fashions gracing every female retail outlet for the past four seasons and has managed to charm and delight Anna Wintour for half of my life.

But Posh? Seriously? I don't want to like her, Marc. I have refused to buy into her campaign to be THE IT GIRL in America. I don't even lust after her lust worthy hubby.
If she's your new muse, I'm not so sure I can continue buying into (and acquiring far more than I can afford) the irreverent attitude the Marc Jacobs line has represented. I hung with you through the whole almost-bordering-on-creepy Dakota ads, but this...this may just be too much.

For now I'll keep mum until the ads are inevitably leaked, but consider yourself warned.

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