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The F Train Follies

The day I've been waiting for finally arrived.

MTA workers greeted commuters this morning at the Carroll Street turnstiles by handing out rider report cards for the F line. Since moving to the hood in 1999 I've often vented my frustration at the lack of service upgrades the MTA has offered residents of Carroll Gardens and the surrounding neighborhoods' booming population growth in emails to the MTA, petitioning my local politicians and bitching with fellow passengers. (OK that last one's not exactly being proactive) Finally, there's to be an official tally of public opinion.

Hopefully recent reports of bringing back the F Express being impossible until 2012 (at the very earliest) will be sped up via public outcry like the lucky L and 7 riders will soon enjoy.

Just a few more trains during rush hours, please! Or extend the V out to Church Ave or Kings Highway. Something. Anything.

Fellow F riders, click here and make your voice heard.

Happy riding,

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