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It's Hazing Time!

The fratastic annual tradition of Yankees Rookie Hazing has struck gold. I mean who wouldn't love seeing Joba as the Cowardly Lion??? How's it stack up compared to years past?

A far better attempt than the lame-ass 2006 Steinbrenners:

Better use of a cross dressing than Wang's ridiculously cute Cheerleading 2005 class:

A more concise theme than 2004's gaggle of Elvi:

Much more thought clearly went into the Ozfest than Matsui's 2003 Pimps:

And poor Chancon is all I gotta say about this hot mess:

Unfortunately, the annual practice was not enstilled the year Oh Captain, My Captain was a rook (you know, as the late 90s winning dynasty came into fruition with it's first playoff run in ages), so here's a wee-Jeter for you instead:

Carry on, boys. Carry on!

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