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Deathwatch 2007: Don't Go In The Water

May 16, 2006 - October 9, 2007

You may remember my delightful companion Jaws. For the past year and a half, he's started my mornings out right playfully dancing for his breakfast. He'd always show off for kitchen visitors by darting daredevil laps around his globe.

But last night's stressful and ultimately hopeless playoff loss seems to have broken the little guy's heart, for this morning I came upon a most unwelcome site. My Jaws didn't greet me with his usual twirling. In fact, he didn't so much greet me as lay at an unfathomable angle upside down at the top of his globe. In denial, I even tossed his morning food into the globe and hastily left him hopeful there was some mistake and upon my arrival this evening, he'd be his usual colorful self.

Alas, I've come to terms with my little friend's passing.

Adieu, sweet Jaws.

Thank you for making my mornings and homecomings that much merrier.

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