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Luquer Street Strikes Again

After November's Punch Prius game netted the Manfriend $5K in damage, I thought he'd stay away from Luquer Street when visiting. But lo, on Saturday, he once again parked outside the St. Mary's Star Of The Sea Rectory before settling in for a relaxing evening of homemade risotto and the NFL Playoffs.

Yesterday, we were running late for a family function back in Jersey. As he went to put our respective overnight bags in the trunk, both of us got a start. He from a flippant canine owner who had refused to curb their (apparently large-sized) dog and I from recognizing the tell tale signs that we would once again need to summon NY's Finest from the 76th Precinct upon viewing the Prius' smashed in passenger seat window.

It must have been kids out for a prank, as although the glove compartment and center consoles were rummaged through, nothing appeared to be taken (including the camcorder in the back seat). While the Manfriend furiously scrapped away the feces from his right shoe and cursed the neighborhood, I calmly called 911.

Ironically, the male partner of the 5-0 duo who arrived at the scene said that just the day before, the same thing had happened to him, however his pranksters got off with a brand new GPS system.

We then drove, windowless, out to the burbs in Jersey. (Who knew driving at the speed limit on Route 3 with one window completely down/out would elicit such trauma on the ear drums? Seriously, they were 'popping' like we were riding an express elevator up and down.)

I'm not sure when and if the oft-injured Prius will make a return to Brooklyn.

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At 10:39 AM, Blogger gary said...

I had the same thing happen on 1st Place 9-10 months ago.

To avoid the eardrum trauma if you're not going the plastic window route:
Open the opposite window at least part way to equalize the pressure.

At 11:15 AM, Blogger Z. Madison said...

Thanks for the advice, Gary. Geico's replacing the plastic with glass today.

I'm sorry to hear you were on the receiving end of a smash and run, too.

At 9:57 PM, Blogger guestofaguest said...

I would like just once, just once in my life to catch a person who keys my car or punches out the window.

What I would do to them...

Hope you were able to vacuum out all the glass. What a pain!

At 10:38 AM, Blogger Z. Madison said...

Guestofaguest, I'm totally with you on the revenge front...but I'm thinking moreso what I'd do to the asshole who did the hit and run that netted The Manfriend $5K in damage not two months prior.

At 8:28 PM, Blogger guestofaguest said...

yup, i feel your pain.


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