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Will Big Brown Deliver?

Each year, right around the time leading up to the Kentucky Derby, I remember that there's a sport I love: Horse Racing.

This is a magical year. Big Brown, a beautiful, inspiring and kick ass colt, has made history. He easily won the Derby and blew away competition in the Preakness. Today, in a sultry Belmont Park, he'll run for something elusive for all thirty years I've been on this planet - The Triple Crown.

If ever there was a horse that could do it, hoof crack included, it's this horse. Big Brown has magic written all over him. From the trainers' drug abusing past and redemption to his jockey Kent Desormeaux's raising awareness for his son's plight against Usher's Syndrome, the Big Brown team has risen to the occasion.

Come 6:25 EST, he'll make the historic two and a half minute run for glory. Here's one among many who is hoping he succeeds.

PS - UPS's sponsorship of the team is GENIUS. What can Brown do for you, indeed.

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At 12:15 AM, Blogger Donuts & Coffee said...

Just got home and checked he results... So sad Big Brown couldn't do it. I'm not a sports guy but I know this series is a big deal. So hopefully some horse will rise to the occasion and take the triple crown before your next thirty years pass.

At 12:57 PM, Blogger Z. Madison said...

Yes, apparently they should have used DHL...

Kidding aside, I really hope I get to see one in my lifetime.


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