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Bob in '09?

Bob Sheppard in 1951

Bob Sheppard still doing what he's loved for, nearly 60 years later

When Yankee Stadium closed last September, more than just The House That Babe Built came to an end, I'm afraid.

Since 1951, Bob Sheppard has been the announcer for all home games. (You can hear him on the other side of the Hudson in the Meadowlands, too.) His voice is unique. Classic. Classy. As you can imagine, having done the job for nearly 60 years, the man has become a legend and as much a part of the game experience as the action on the field.

I've heard he's not been doing well. In fact, he didn't announce games live at all in 2008, rather he sent in recordings. I was hopeful he'd be back for this season, if only for opening day. He thought so, too. So it was with a heavy heart I heard his wife had told Newsday “he doesn’t have the stamina yet to go back at this time.”

Be well, Bob. Be well.

PS - Bob's Wikipedia has a lot of interesting information. Click here .

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