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McCain, You Shocked The Hell Out Of Me

Sarah Palin! A 44 year old mother of five (one of which is currently serving in Iraq and another with Downs Syndrome) who was a small business owner before becoming the newbie Alaskan Governor who calls herself a "maverick" and is a Beltway Outsider. Palin's also a gun toting conservative runner up to Miss Alaska.

John, it's a huge gamble and genius, in my opinion.

True, I'm still licking my wounds from Hillary's demise, but I'm no PUMA. I am, however, a 30 year old female who's voted solidly for Democrats (with the exception of Mayor Bloomberg) since reaching the legal age to do so.and not sold on The Chosen Hopeful One who's yet to prove to me he's anything but rhetorical fluff. Adding Romney as Veep did nothing to bolster my interest in my party or this race since Clinton left it.

I've always been a fan of McCain and his ballsy ways. His camp's choice, however blatantly pandering to women, perks my interest. And all the 'feminist' haters: please don't insult me by bitching she's an anti-choice woman as your number one argument. Abortion doesn't top my list of why I vote for someone. There's a multitude of other issues out there.

I honestly don't know who I'll vote for, but you can bet I'll be very much looking forward to the debates.

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