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Project Runway Quote Of The Night

It wasn't much of a surprise apparent horror film enthusiast Jerry was given the boot on tonight's premiere of Project Runway's fifth season. Here at Z Madison we're more concerned with the snappy one liners. While this episode gleefully peppered us with great quotes, the winner is:

"The dress underneath looks like a handiwipe gone wrong" - Michael Kors, who, incidentally, didn't look as orange as normal.

Our runner up is a toss-up between Heidi with "That was just butt ugly" (which described most of tonight's fashions) or the on-screen description of Nina's "job" (editor-at-large of Elle).

Of course we'll be keeping a close eye on the Brooklyn resident Daniel who would be a zoologist if not a designer and everyman Joe whose ability to quip could render him our quote king if these are any example:

"To fussilli or not to fussilli"

"I used pasta on the skirt and a great oven mitt for the top"

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At 8:22 AM, Blogger Donuts & Coffee said...

I have to admit the only thing I know about Project Runway is the name. I have heard it before, but I don't know anything about it. So when I saw this article this AM I thought of the readers here.

Have fun and enjoy the summer.

"NBCU is asking Judge Richard B. Lowe III for an injunction that would allow it to exercise what it says is its right to match the Lifetime offer and keep the show. "We're prepared to match the terms that Lifetime has offered for 'Project Runway,'" Zucker testified at the court. "



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