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Broken Wang

Just as things are finally starting to turn around for the Yanks and we can legitimatly eye a post-season run, we go and break our Wang.

Interleague play usually provides me with the opportunity to learn about a team I'd otherwise know nothing about as I don't follow the NL (that other NY team aside). If our series is on the road, it also offers the hiliarious sight of our pitchers at bat. Rarely do they do anything other than strike out, but they always do it in earnest.

Wang actually got a base hit in the sixth inning of yesterday's game. The other team forced the out at third base, allowing him to safely reach first and, to our detrimet, proove his poor base running skills. In an aggressive attempt to run from second to home, Wang noticebly gimped as he rounded third and practically collaseped in his teammates arms after crossing home plate. He had to be basically carried down the dugout stairs and into the locker room.

Fingers crossed it's just a sprain in his foot and not the much more serious (and season ending) Lisfranc ligament injury.

Get well soon, Wang!

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