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Pull Through, Guys

To hear that Bob Woodruff and his cameraman were involved in a roadside bombing, was disheartening. I like Bob and think that not only was he a good choice to replace (with Elizabeth Vargas) Peter Jennings, who I adored, but that he is an excellent reporter.

I won't get up on a soapbox to lambast the reasons I think we should never have attacked Iraq (where are those elusive WMDs, W?), but now that we're there, we've gotta see it through. I'm grateful that the brave reporters/cameramen/journalists are able to be embedded with troops so that we can truly see what is going on. We all know it's a hotbed of danger over there, and I salute all those bringing us a daily wrap-up.

So, here's hoping these guys pull through and are able to keep doing the great, and important job they do so well.


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