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How Excited Am I?

I've been suckered into many of VH1's shows: the endless countdowns, Surreal Life and most notably, Flavor of Love (so bad yet so so good...) One that has flown under the radar, but I still find myself craving is Celeb Fit Club where they take a bunch of has-beens who've porked up a bit, and put them through a diet and exercise regime.

Past participants have included: Wendy the Snapple Lady, Mia Tyler, Kelly Lebrock - the hottie from Wierd Science, Tempest Bledstone, Billy Baldwin - who ended up going to rehab during the taping, etc. etc. The Season 4 contestants have just been announced and my what a gang they've gathered.

Sally Struthers (guess she's not just been feeding the children),
Jennifer Tilly (the cutie from The Big Chill),
Shar Jackson (ex-wife of Kevin Federline - maybe brit brit should have signed up too it would be like a NY vs. Pumkin catfight reunion for us Flavor of Love fans!),
Lisa Welchel (Blair from Facts of Life who was already putting on the pounds when the series was wrapping),
Phil Margera (from Wild Boys),
Corey Haim (well, the other corie was on Surreal Life, why shouldn't this one also get VH1 a chance),
and Vince Neil (omg a Motley Crue member?).

This is a awesome cast...bring it on!


At 12:54 AM, Blogger Stephanie said...


Ohhhhhh, season 4 is gonna be gooooood.


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