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State of the Eyebrow

So after watching the entirety of the State of the Union, including the official Democratic response, I'm left with a few lingering questions:

1. What exactly did W detail plans for? Yes, he was ambitious in his all encompassing all american agenda, but...how will we pay for many of his programs?

2. About Fucking Time - W's call for less dependance on foreign oil. His call for investing in the natural resources here in good ole USA (wind/hybrid autos/coal/etc) are to me, a dollar short and a day late...this should have been stated well before we decided to invade oil rich and extremist ruled Iraq (again, where are those pesky WMDs W?)

3. That crazy fuck Kim in N. Korea and the irate and irrational Iranians. Both are developing (ie: HAVE or are close to having and are waiving it in our faces) the capacity to build nukes. Sanctions haven't worked so far. The UN has no real cojonjes and our military is stretched too thin as it is in Iraq and Afghanistan....how will we control these SOBs?

4. Why were so many women wearing purple? I know Vogue named it the color of the Fall, but comeon, I haven't seen so many peeps in purple since the return of the California Raisen ads back in '91,,,

5. Mr. Eyebrows: aka "The [Official] Democratic Response" - aka Dem Lt. Gov Tim Kaine . [We won't hypothinize as to why this unenergetic fool got the nod to lead the party's critical response...]Now readers, I'm a die hard Dem as they come, and I anxiously awaited this response, but I was so distracted by the sideshow of this man's immensively mobile left arch that I couldn't pay attention to a word he said. Not even the hotness of Anderson Cooper could distract me (for long).

A little Anderson for the AC leaning lads and ladies...


At 12:41 AM, Blogger BobbyLaLaLand said...

lawd, i cant even bring myself to watch a W state of the union. too much crap, i cant take it. But I listened to the VA Gov'r's response on NPR -- it was alwight...


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