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For All You Flavor Of Love Fans...

Admit it, you were as sucked into this piece of trash as I was...The nicknames, the skeeze, the skanks, the Spit Heard Round The World...all the 'ladies' are back and Pumkin and NewYork are gonna go at it. It's so trasholicious I can barely contain myself. Can you?

Visit our friends at www.tmz.com for an 'exclusive clip'...

EXCLUSIVE FIRST LOOK: 'Flavor of Love: After the Lovin'

March 28, 2006 6:30PM ET

TMZ has obtained an exclusive clip of the VH1 reality special 'Flavor of Love: After the Lovin.'
The break-out hit series 'Flavor of Love' was one of VH1's highest rated ventures ever. Now Flavor Flav brings back all the girls to reunite for the first time.
The show will feature unfinished business between the ladies, including arch enemies Pumkin and New York, who come face-to-face for the first time since the "spitting incident" (oh you KNOW what we're talking about!).
The show airs April 2 at 8PM.


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