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I Have A Stalker

He's been leaving me messages on a nearly daily basis for the past two weeks. Today alone he left me two. One was all puppy dog and baby kissing. The other was dark and sinister touting his fighting ability. Any day now I expect to see him lurking at the entrance to my subway stop.

No, he's not an exlover. Nor is he an enamored and misguided guy ready to fisticuff with The Boyfriend. In fact, he could care less about The Boyfriend because BF lives across the river in Manhattan. My stalker's geographically specific in seeking out his victims. They must reside in Brooklyn and they must be a registered Dem.

He's this guy:

OK, OK I get it! David Yassky's running for Congress and needs my support in the primary on 9/12. Babies and postal employees beware - if this barrage of bulk mail in late July is any indication, this is going to turn into one nasty election season.

To be honest, David seems like a stand up guy. According to his copy, Yassky's trying to tame the beast that is the waterfront development plan in Brooklyn, won't be bullied by the NRA, sued Exxon for that oh so nasty spill in Greenpoint and best yet - He's worked for Chuckie Schumer. Not too shabby, Yassky. But I'm loving his caption on the sinister mail piece:

"The Republican Congress is bad. The President is worse. We can't take much more."

You tell 'em, Yass!


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