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Save The Place!

The Place, on West 4th Street, is one of those cozy little romantic spots you can only find in the Village. It's been a 'date night' destination for many couples since opened eight years ago by Alexander Achilleos. One of the reasons people feel good when they wrap up an incredible meal is that Achilleos donates 10% of each bill to local charities, many of which are for kids. Delicious food, great ambiance and a feel good vibe = perfect dining choice.

Enjoy it while you can. Once again a small business owner is getting pushed around and pushed out. The New York Times reported yesterday that The Place's lease isn't going to be renewed. Even after Achilleos spent $70,000 to appease the building's owner, Ms Edith Rappy, in good faith that she would extend his stay at 310 West 4th Street.

Fired up Achilleos isn't going down without a fight. If it comes to it, he's planning on chaining himself to the restaurant's railing. More than 7,000 supporters have also signed a petition on The Place's behalf. It's all up to the courts now.

Let's hope either Ms Rappy changes her fickle mind or the courts side with Achilleos. Worst comes to worst, you can always make a reservation at spin-off The Place On West 10th Street.


At 3:37 PM, Blogger Slinky Redfoot said...

damn i heard that was the best date place in the village. wah.


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