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Say It Ain't So, Tina!

SNL has had it's share of ups and downs over the years. A good cast is cyclical on this comedic mainstay. In 1997, a young Tina Fey joined the show and within two years, became it's head writer. Her talent was immediately apparent and the show was back on an upswing with Jimmy Fallon, Will Ferrel, et al showcasing her scripts with their comedic talents. But, you most likely recognize Fey in the anchor chair of Weekend Update. Well, enjoy her while you still can because she just quit.

Fey told Jay Leno on last night's show that "I wanted to stop doing 'Saturday Night Live' so I could spend more time with Star Jones."

Ah, how I'll miss your sassy self on Saturday Nights, Tina.

30 Rock is a new show on the NBC Fall line-up. Tina's the writing force behind the buzzed-about sitcom about, ironically, a fictional SNL-esque show starring Alec Baldwin. Fey plays a real stretch of a character - the show's head writer. She'll be leaving SNL due to the enormous amount of time and energy 30 Rock is bound to be.

Tina will be dearly missed at SNL, but with her sass and Alec's sauciness, 30 Rock is bound to be one of my Appointment TV picks this Fall.


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