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The Captain Sells Out

Prepubescent boys will undoubtedly be swimming in Driven, the new fragrance by Derek Jeter, this winter. If they're at all like my former I-just-bathed-in-Drakkar schoolmates, tween girls better watch out - this scent is a potent mix of crushed leaves, black pepper, chilled grapefruit, rhubarb, lavender, spearmint, bamboo, driftwood and oak moss according to Avon, the distributer. A bottle will only run parents $25 but buyers beware, it's only the first in a series of product roll outs.

NYers beware because the Captain's mug will be everywhere in support of the November launch. The campaign's going to be in national print (Z's best guesses are S.I., ESPN, Men's Health, Maxim, Details too bad Cargo's not around anymore and some girly books to support the gift purchase push) and OOH all over NY (would conservative spending Avon and their agency have the balls to place him in branded subway cars besides your usual tourist traps?).

Let's just hope that the added PR buzz of a World Series Win in October coincides.


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