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Deathwatch 2006: Crazy Croc Hunters

While indulging in much needed sun and fun this weekend, the news that Steve Irwin passed with such pizazz struck a chord. I won't lie; the guy always seemed a french fry short of a happy meal to me, but so long as he wasn't dangling a newborn as bait to one of his snap-happy friends, I dug his passion. We all likely could only wish to love our jobs as much as this guy did. As tragic as his death is, at least he went out in a fitting way.

The countdown to the video release of Irwin v Stingray unfortunately now begins...


At 8:24 PM, Anonymous Jeremy said...

Yeah what a bummer. I think you hit it on the head Z. I've been trying to figure out all day why this guy's death really struck me. It's because of his passion. He loved life. It wasn't just a game for him. He really loved animals, entertaining people, and educating people. I think he's a good example of really living life to its fullest.


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