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Here, Really?

As addicted as I am to the police blotter and hearing any report of violent crime in Brooklyn, I'm always 'comforted' by the fact that it's out in East New York, Brownsville and the like. In turn, I always reassure my naive family and friends (who do not reside in the city) that whatever occurred is in fact far from my hamlet in Carroll Gardens.

Unfortunately, and ironically the day I'm to travel to my father's, one of the top stories of the local newscast (and the cover of the Daily News) concerns a knife wielding psychopath who took two women hostage, slashing one's neck, before being shot to death by a cop a few blocks from my apartment.

Luckily both women are OK.

What's funny though is the fact that according to the news, this incident happened not only in Cobble Hill (the true neighborhood) but also: Boerum Hill, Carroll Gardens, BoCoCa and Downtown Brooklyn. Literally, there goes the neighborhood...


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