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Dumpwatch 2007: Upper East Side Elitists

The New York Times has reported that the legendary 10021 zip code is about to get much more elite, dumping half of its residents this summer into two new zips on the Upper East Side. And how are residents taking the slight? A few choice quotes:

“The truth is, there are some people whose whole identity is their ZIP code,” said Michele Kleier, the president of the real estate brokerage Gumley Haft Kleier. "I don’t think everybody is going to move out of 80th Street, but obviously this is the most famous and most desired ZIP code in the city and in America,” she said.

Mr. Talese said, “The first thing you think of is your stationery. We still have the 212 area code, don’t we?” (He does.)

Mr. Wolfe was equally sanguine. “I’ll try to take it like a man,” he said.

Thankfully Mayor Bloomie's spokewhore realistically weighs in: “The mayor doesn’t favor one ZIP code over another,” Stu Loeser, said.

Is it any wonder I choose to live in Brooklyn?

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