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Dream Weaver

Last night I dreamt I saw one of my clients naked.

Now, now, get your minds out of the gutters. It was not at all a sexual thing (although the brand President in question is an attractive late 30s/early 40s Frenchman). He was changing in front of me while we discussed business. (Apparently, he chooses to free-ball it in my dreamworld.) I made it a point to divert my eyes from his bare behind and continue the discussion as if nothing was amiss.

The dream was so poignant, that I woke myself up from it at quarter to five and couldn't get back to sleep. Now that I've been at work for nearly two hours and am fortified on way too much caffeine, I'm wondering just what the dream meant.

I've had enough Intro to Psych academia to at least tackle the usual suspects: I've been raking over said client's media plans to see if I've overlooked something that is leaving his brand vulnerable, pouring over the latest agency invoices to ensure everything's accounted for, rechecking my inbox for unread emails. Nope, everything's as it should be.

So why then, the asexual naked Frenchman? I may never know, but thankfully it wasn't his much older German counterpart on another of my brands housed across the street.

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