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Hell Yeah!

One of my magazine reps sent an email last week asking if I'd like to take a Trapeze class. Hell Yeah! was my first thought. Last night was the day of reckoning. Walking up to the site, my heart was pounding loud enough I was sure the trainers could hear it. As I climbed the two story tall ladder with the wind whipping off the Hudson River, what the hell are you doing was the only thought running through my mind. Once on the platform and all 'chalked up' I got into position. Luckily the guy up there was not the sentimental sort. Tough love was the only thing that was going to get my petrified ass to defy logic and grab at a pole just out of reach, bend my knees and 'bunny hop' off the platform and into the air.

In all honesty, the first time he yelled "HEP!" (meaning GO), I couldn't do it. Then I thought - come on Z! You're all the way up here and when else does an opportunity like this come along? Holymotheroffuckballs...and I was off!

At this point Tough Love yelled at me to bring my legs up over the bar. "That's not going to happen!" I decreed as in the wonder of it all, my knees came up to my chest and up over the bar. I released my hands.

I'm doing it! OH MY GOD I'm actually DOING IT!!!

After a few runs, I learned that I'd qualifed for "The Catch". This involves getting your timing exactly right - first swing forward you need to get your legs up and over the bar, on the swing back you need to release your arms, next swing forward you need to trust a complete stranger with your life and limbs.


Can we do that again? (Did I also mention the dude was smokin hot with abs and forearms of steel???)

Totally something I'd do again.

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