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Pope Jumping

Did you catch coverage of the nutjob who jumped at the popemobile like he was moshing at a Linkin Park concert? The "mentally disturbed" 27 year old badly dressed German lunged at our Prada loving pontiff's ride yesterday as Benny was traveling through St. Peter's Square. The jumper actually got on to the back of the popemobile (I just love saying that word - popemobile) before being given the smackdown by security.

The kid was deemed not to be a serious threat but thrown into a psych ward quicker than Pope Eggs Benedict could give him the Sign of The Cross.

Best part? His Holiness never missed a beat smiling and waving to the masses like the Bavarian badass he is.

disclaimer - I never claimed to be a 'good' Catholic and am well aware a spot is reserved for me in Hell.

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