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Dumpwatch 2007: A Less Rosier View

Eight months of bickering have finally come to an end, as Rosie O'Donnel was granted an early release from her contract, likely due to the latest heated exchange with Elizabeth Hasselback on Wednesday.

ABC issued this statement:

"We had hoped that Rosie would be with us until the end of her contract three weeks from now, but Rosie has informed us that she would like an early leave. Therefore, we part ways, thank her for her tremendous contribution to 'The View' and wish her well."

Rosie and Barbara Walters have also issued polite and PC statements. Hasselback's been mum but you just know she's dancing a jig of happiness. And, of course, The Donald had to get one last swipe in: "A great service was done by getting her off the airwaves ... she's a disaster."

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At 3:32 PM, Blogger Dayngr said...

Good riddance


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