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The F Train Follies - 5 O'clock Shadow Edition

Yesterday I had plans to meet up with a girlfriend for some much needed catching up over a few Ros├ęs post work. While riding uptown on the 1 train, between Christopher and 14th Street, I heard a loud buzz permeate through Amy Winehouse's new track blasting through my ipod headphones. Glancing around, I quickly spotted the source: a pudgy 30ish guy in a cheap suit shaving with an electronic shaver. This guy was really going to town on his face while never taking his eyes off the book he was reading. I have seen my share of grooming on the subway, but I admit, I gawked at the guy all the way to 23rd where he snapped the thing to OFF, slipped it and his book into his bag and exited the train.

As he wasn't overly hairy, seriously, was this necessary at 6pm?

Here's hoping he scored on a hot date...

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