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I've Been Slacking...I know

Let's just say between work and my personal life, things have been hectic. A good hectic, but hectic nonetheless. A good excuse to take a vacation, no?

I've a history with not being in-country for national holidays. Thanksgiving in particular. I've celebrated the feast with 15 of my closest teammates in Bermuda in the mid-90s (our varsity field hockey team was there to play the Bermuda National Champions) and eating chicken nuggets at a wanna-be Mickey Dee's in Galway post 9-11.

This year I'm going to miss seeing Lady Liberty and the Macy's Fireworks from my fire escape

because on the 231st anniversary of the day our nation declared it's independence from the tyrannical British Empire, I'll be here:

Oh the irony! For added measure, I'll be celebrating the occasion with an ex-Soviet. I've informed him that we must at least track down a bottle or two of Bud to pay the land of the free and home of the brave the respect she deserves.

And then we're off to play with these crazy kids and the beasts chasing their asses:

That's right, it's San Fermin! Or, as it's most famous activity has made the festival notorious for: The Running of the Bulls. Not sure if I'll participate, but after some Patron the other night, a partner in crime since our collegiate days has been trying hard to sway me. Something tells me the hangliding/aerobatic pilot/skydiving/all-over-daredevil ex-Soviet might be convinced by said partner in crime to don The Whites as well...

Be sure to eat a hot dog/apple pie/corn on the cob for me. Pending no terrorist bullshit (really Dad, with all the increased security London's likely the safest place on earth right now!) and no bull goring my ass, I'll be back late next week.

Cheers and Hasta Luego!

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