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Seriously, I Attended The Auto Show - Part I How To Say Silver In Six Ways

I should state upfront, I don't drive. In fact, I don't have a valid driver's licence. I gave it up in 1999 when I realized the to date one car I'd ever owned was nothing but a money sucking inconvenience. I knew I was moving to New York City and this was no place to pony up for the privilege to escape. Not when there's planes, trains, cabs, buses, livery drivers and the subway to get a girl wherever she needed to go.

Yet, having owned and mastered a little stick shift VW, I have a deep respect and almost pathological lust for anything six cylinder or above. Heck, even hybrids can get my motor running. (Sorry, that is the last auto cliche I promise).

When the Manfriend's brother invited me to the annual auto porn show at the Javits Center, of course, I jumped at the opportunity.

I was not disappointed.

First up: I learn how to say grey in six ways. Having not shopped for a car in over a decade, I wasn't sure if the wall in front of me was a sculpture or a chinese menu. Turns out it was a bit of both.

Let's say I want a grey car. I'm lucky to have many choices. Should you be put in the position to ponder what the fuck the difference between Silver Birch, Smokestone or Silver is, there's helpful little painted balls to show you the intricacies of all the options.

Clearly, something called Vapor Silver is the way to go. Although, Tungsten Grey has quite the ring to it...

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