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Seriously, I Attended The Auto Show - Part IV Fun Finds

Check out the new sporty Range Rover.

Not to be outdone, Hummer boasts it's own mini me. (The crowd gathered around this vehicle was nearly drooling on what looks like the Tonka Trucks my brothers used to play with.)

I'm not sure what this fugly thing is called, but I'm dubbing it El Dorado 2.0. Seriously, it's heinous.

And now I bring you the highlight of the show: The Maybach.

For only $250K, this lovely little bit of luxury can be yours.

Turns out my favorite car at the show was created in 1972. It's exactly the car I'd purchase next (you know, if I drove and had a valid licence):

This concludes our tour of the 2008 International Auto Show. Hope you enjoyed!

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