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My Aha Moment

To me, the cable network Bravo can do no wrong. I'll gladly watch nearly any reality show they produce. My current obsession is The Real Housewives Of New York. From the bawdy and gaudy Ramona to the always cool as a cucumber The Countess, these women have me transfixed. Of all the women, I can most relate to Bethenny. She's in her 30s, in a relationship (well after last night, who knows if that's still true) but not yet married and clawing her way up a career path. She's also so damn familiar looking...

It's been nagging me where I know Bethenny from. I don't live on the Upper East Side, so it's unlikely I'd bump into her running errands. While she's connected with people in the fashion industry, she's a chef, so it's unlikely we'd cross paths professionally. Yet, I know I know her from somewhere.

I was one of the handful of people who actually watched Martha Stewart's The Apprentice. Turns out, Bethenny was a contestant. She made it to the finale but was brushed off by the Martha for "showing disrespect to her subordinates, for being a show-off, and having excessive need to make physical impressions." She was also apparently a little too rough around the edges and dare I say it: a little too New York.

And I, apparently, watch too much reality TV.

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