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The F Train Follies

Remember when the new MTA rules went into effect regarding no coffee on the subway, no bags on the seats or else you'll be ticketed? Yeah, neither do I. But I did think they were a bit over the top and wondered if cops would actually waste time enforcing them.

Apparently, one officer decided to fulfill his quota on MY ride, the F train.

compliments of our friends at www.1010wins.com

"A New York City hearing officer has thrown out the ticket of a woman who had her groceries on the subway seat next to her on a nearly empty "F" train. Thirty-three year old Samantha Hoover was ticketed on January 27th by police Officer Mohammad Ishrat when he saw her grocery bag on the seat next to her.

Subway rules say that passengers can not take up more than one seat if it will interfere with other passengers or the operation of the trains.

Hoover testified that the train was nearly empty.

After 37 minutes of deliberation, Transit Adjudicator Rebecca Novak dismissed the $50 ticket."

I know the city and mta are hard pressed for cash these days, but seriously, isn't this just a waste of everyone's time?


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