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Reason #5,295 The Mets Continue To Break My Heart

Like nearly every other kid in the tri-state area, I spent the better part of the fall of '86 staying up past my bedtime to cheer on my heroes from Queens as they limped their way towards the World Series.

For a nine year old girl, Strawberry, Dykstra, Sojo, Knight, Darling, Hernandez, Teufel and Gooden were gods. Davey Johnson was the smartest man alive. Ojeda was a miracle worker and Gary Carter the man my naive little tween heart believed I'd grow up to marry.

On that cold October night, the unbelievable came true as fans and players rushed the field in a euphoric state. Anything was possible. A few days later, I relished the ticker tape parade and firmly believed Mookie Wilson when he made the claim "'86 year of the Mets, '87 year of the Mets, '88 year of the METS!"

Then it all went to hell, and once again, I turned my eyes toward The Bronx.

Darryl Strawberry was to me what Jeter is to Gen Y. To learn he (and half the team) were coked up throughout the historic '86 run broke my heart. Much like the Yankees, I kept thinking just give him one more chance and he'll turn it all around - clean up and restore his former glory. It saddens me to learn that many kids today are receiving just as cold a reality check with the steroids crackdown. Names like Bonds, Sosa and McGwire leave a bitter taste in my mouth.

So, I found it truly sad that, once again, one of the best in the game was back in the headlines for the same old reasons. Doc Gooden, 1984 Rookie of the Year and 1985 NL Cy Young Award winner, was arrested for cocaine abuse and could face up to 5 years in jail. This is the third time Doc's posed for a mug shot for just this reason.

What I found really disheartening about this was that, apparently, he was meeting with his parole officer (one of the conditions of his arrest last year for speeding away from the police after a DUI traffic stop) and admitted that he was using cocaine. She did a drug screening and when the test results came back positive, he was promptly arrested.

Funny, I thought the POs are there to help get their cases back on track and provide any help they may need in doing so. Instead of arresting Doc and threatening him with nearly 5 years in prison, how about suggesting a mandatory stay in a treatment center?


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